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Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic Painting

Our expert staff and updated equipment ensure the most innovative electrostatic painting solutions. We provide electrostatic paint on conductive surfaces like metals, and these are distributed evenly. Our electrostatic painting technique uses charged particles to repel each other after spraying, ensuring an even coat to the entire metal surface.

Performance painting experts bring practiced precision and knowledge to electrostatic painting projects to ensure they result in a whole new finish for metal objects.

Our electrostatic painting jobs are meant to redecorate offices and extend the life of your metal furniture to eliminate interruption in your employees’ productivity. Let the painting contractors from AMP fabrication restore the factory appearance for your metal fixtures and furniture. Our electrostatic painting procedures also ensure smooth coating for handrails, window frames, lockers, metal staircases, machinery, elevator doors, cabinets, etc.

We create a custom color match for the current or new décor items, and you can select from standard colors. We are backed by highly trained and insured electrostatic painting contractors in the market with the best commercial electrostatic painting services. Amp Welding and Fabrication boasts an extensive experience in electrostatic painting, and we closely work with scheduling the most suitable quality work for your needs.